2 Las Vegas Police Officers Shot & Killed While They Were Eating Pizza

Two Las Vegas police officers decided to skip the donuts and eat at CiCi’s pizza near a Walmart located on the 300 block of North Nellis Boulevard.

Officer Igor Soldo, 32, and Officer Alyn Beck, 42, were sitting down enjoying their lunch of pizza, when two unnamed gunmen, a man and a woman, walked in and shot them. Ā It was an ambush.


Once they were wounded, the suspects took the officers’ weapons and ammunition with them before fleeing. Before they fled they told witnesses:

“Tell the police the revolution has begun,” as they exited the eatery.

The pair thenĀ ran over to a nearby Walmart, where the suspects shot and killed a customer at the front of the store.

The shooting prompted SWAT officers to be called as the suspects moved to the back of the store.

Arriving officers exchanged fire with the two suspects inside the Walmart. Police said another round of shots were heard in the store that appeared to result in the suspects’ deaths.

Sheriff Gillespie said the female suspect appeared to have shot the other male suspect before turning a gun on herself.

The two wounded officers were rushed to University Medical Center, where they were pronounced dead.

An officer has not died in Las Vegas since 2006, when an officer befriended a prostitute who was pictured on the side of the girls to your roomĀ trucks that are always rolling down the strip, Ā and tried to help her out by defending her against her crazy/rapper pimp, without asking for backup.

Walmart is having a rough week.. Ā The fact that two people shot two officers while they were having lunch is truly insane.. Call me crazy but I just don’t think anyone with sense is interested in this type of revolution.Ā