French Montana & Khloe Kardashian Kiss At MTV Africa Awards [video]

Khloe Kardashian

French Montana and Khloe Kardashian just put out an official video to let Trina know that it’s over with for real, for real.. It’s looking like once you go Kardashian you have no interest in going back.. Although that totally doesn’t include Reggie Bush, who ran from the Kardashian clan like his football career depended on it.

Anyway, although French and Khloe have yet to confirm their relationship it’s so obvious. Especially if you follow either of them on social media.

The two celebrities act like teenagers in love and refuse to part from one another’s side.. Right now they are both in Africa for the 2014 MTV Africa Music Awards.  

French hit the stage and had his good luck charm named Khloe waiting backstage for him.  After his performance, his adrenaline was pumping looking at Khloe sexily wrapped in a golden bronze dress. So Montana decided to make the back area his ballroom and do a waltz with Khloe.

This of course was all caught on video by Khloe’s makeup artist Rob Scheppy (who did a so so job that day.) In the video the couple begins to lock lips, then the clip cuts out to the reality star flipping her hair to look back at the camera.

Khloe did that flip so well that you would think she got it from her mama, but everyone knows Mama Jenner sports short hair, so obviously she learned from the best of the Kardashians, her sister Kim..

Khloe and French make a cute couple..  Trina is going to be pissed all over again when she sees this cute lil video on page 2 below: