Hilarious – 50 Cent Recalls That Time Beyonce Snapped On Him


Jay Z & Beyonce has carried on this Bonnie & Clyde type of theme for many years now.. The outspoken rapper,  50 Cent visited the Breakfast Club  and revealed that not only does Beyonce love drinking watermelon seeds but the Texas bred singer really is about that life and will quickly help her husband fight his battles. 

50 Cent revealed that he was at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas when King Bey spotted the Get Rich Or Die Tryin rapper, and ran up to him letting him know that if he had beef would Jay it would most definitely be 2 against 1.   This was a few years ago back when 50 and Floyd Mayweather were besties, cause Floyd was at the scene of the incident and the Cosmo just opened in Vegas in the past 3 years.

Here’s what 50 cent said:

“One time [Beyoncé] jumped off of a ledge and came running over cause she thought me and Jay had issues. And I’m like, ‘What the f-ck? Did she really just jump and run up on me like that?’ We was at the Cosmopolitan [hotel]. She jumped out and was like this, ‘What?! That Bonnie and Clyde forreal! You try this or what, boy?! I’m here!’

She bugged out at me. I looked and Jay starts laughing. He’s like, ‘Yo, you know what it is.’ I said, ‘Oh sh-t! What the f-ck y’all got going on, man?’ Bey jumped down off of that joint like, ‘What?! Wassup?!’ Matter of fact, Floyd [Mayweather] was there. We were in the Cosmopolitan in Vegas and I was bringing him to say wassup to Jay because Jay don’t really like him.”

LOL.. 50 is too funny. He just had to add the Jay doesn’t like Floyd..  Just another shot thrown by the rapper..  I guess when Jay & Solange got into in that elevator Bey decided to take a day off…

He also spoke on being in love with Ciara and getting Ashanti kicked out of an Awards show, which he now regrets because Ashanti looks so darn fine.    Go to PAGE 2 BELOW for the video and that part of the story.