Man, 31 Infected 15-Year-Old Virgin Girl With HIV


Dallas, TexasMatthew Louis Reese, 31 pleaded guilty to assault with a deadly weapon, aggravated sexual assault with serious bodily injury and sexual assault to a 15-year-old child.

Matthew wasn’t attracted to  women his own age so he ventured onto a chat line where he met a teenage girl.. At the time the teen would claim to be 17-years-old, although later the same night she would confess to being 15-years-old..    

While that age would definitely scare most men and turn them off, it actually enticed Matthew.  Even more exciting to Reese is the fact that the young girl told him that she’d never had sex or kissed a boy.

In December 2012, When her parents discovered the girl on the phone with Reese, he convinced her mother that he was 18 and they let him continue to have contact with her because the 3-year-age difference was no big deal.. Little did the parents know their 15-year-old teenage girl was about to enter into a relationship with a man more than twice her age.

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