Say What?? Racist Doctor Suspended for SEXTING during Surgery

n-ARTHUR-ZILBERSTEIN-large And some thought Dr Kevorkian and Dr Conrad Murray were bad… In comes Dr Zillberstein, an apparent racist, sex freak who has sex and drugs his patients, according to The States’ Health Department.

How does this work, A person is put in more dangers by the hands of the person who’s there to save his life?

SEXTING during a serious surgery, who does that? Really who in their right mind, a doctor at that would do such a deadly thing? I’m Flabbergasted !

Physician Arthur Zilberstein, a Seattle anesthesiologist had his license suspended in June, for apparently sending several explicit text during surgery.

According to the State’s Health Department, Dr. Zilberstein is also a racist.

The State’s Health Department Press Release on this case Breakdown of Charges

  • Frequently exchanged sexually explicit texts during surgeries when he was the responsible anesthesiologist
  • Improperly accessed medical-record imaging for sexual gratification; and had sexual encounters at his workplace.
  • Issued at least 29 unauthorized prescriptions for controlled substances and legend drugs outside of his medical practice and didn’t conduct proper evaluations, diagnoses, or treatment plans for these patients
  • Had sexual relations with one patient for whom he was prescribing drugs.
  • Zilberstein made disparaging and racist remarks against a patient
  • Zilberstein can’t practice as a physician in Washington. He has 20 days to respond to the charges and to request a hearing.

“In a text message one minute before Patient T’s July 24, 2013 surgery, at 2:33 p.m., Respondent texted to his girlfriend a description of his immediate sexual desire for her. Respondent was the responsible anesthesiologist for Patient T between 2:34 p.m. and 3:33 p.m. Respondent exchanged fifteen additional text messages during that surgery between 3:11 p.m. and 3:31 p.m. to arrange a covert encounter with his girlfriend at the hospital. Six of these text messages were initiated by the Respondent.”

Even during a Cesarean he sends the text and I quote

I’m hella busy with C sections

I will pray for better days