Beyonce Exposes Jay Z’s Cheating During “On The Run Tour” “That B*tch Will Never Be Me [VIDEO]

on-the-run-concert_Beyonce-Jay-Z-467Beyonce admits that Jay Z Cheated On Her

Wow. Several years ago, Beyonce did an interview with UK’s 4Music and stated that  “Resentment” was one her proudest works on B’Day:

“The song on my new album I am proudest of is probably “Resentment. I feel like vocally I’ve grown, I feel like all the chord changes and the beautiful harmonies and the lyrics is something that I really am proud of.”

Fast forward to a “On The Run” concert performance a few days ago, the “Drunk In Love” singer had fans screaming for joy when she performed “Resentment” while wearing a white wedding gown and changed the lyrics confessing to  concertgoers that Yes, Jay has cheated on her.

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