Cut Off – Robin Thicke Hasn’t Seen Paula Patton In Months [VIDEO]

paula patton robin thicke divorceRobin Thicke Hasn’t Seen Paula Patton In Months [VIDEO]

Robin Thicke has been all over the place, crying, begging, singing and pleading Keith Sweat style, with no rewards.  

Concert after concert, show after show, song after song, all he does is talk about forgiveness, and ask his wife Paula Patton  to take him back. He even made an entirely new album and named it  after Paula.

The singer has publicly apologized and groveled attempting to save his marriage many times over the past year. But Paula knows her hubby is a habitual cheater and can’t keep it in his pants.. No amount of begging can convince Paula that Robin will not cheat on her again. . That’s why she hasn’t let Robin see her or spend time with her in MONTHS..  After being married 9 years, Paula has given Thicke the  ‘done son’ award.. Yikes!

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