Nicki Minaj Clears Up BET Iggy Azalea Shade Speech


Nicki Minaj Clears Up BET Iggy Azalea Shade Speech

Nicki Minaj set about on a rambling speech Sunday evening at the BET Awards when she accepted her winners trophy.. During the speech Nicki talked about her recent near death experience, that went over everyone’s head.. No one even accused Nicki of sipping sizzurp or doing drugs after the speech.. Instead the internet choose to focus in on the part of the speech were Nicki congratulated herself for writing her own rhymes.

Immediately the internet went into an uproar of noise as it was revealed that since Lil Kim hasn’t had a hit in years, the only rapper that Nicki could be referring to was Iggy Azalea,  who has also been currently attributed with mainstream success.

Well now Nicki wants everyone to know exactly who and what she was talking about.

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