Nicki Minaj Pushed Back ‘Anaconda’ For A Beyoncé Collaboration?

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Nicki Minaj Pushed Back ‘Anaconda’ For A Beyoncé Collaboration?

Rapper, Nicki Minaj caused a firestorm last week when she released the cover for her new single “Anaconda.”  Following  the release of the single, meme and meme was created mocking the cover..

The owner of a very popular hip hop site even felt the need to write an open letter to Nicki concerning the cover.

Every time people fall right into Nicki’s trap and do exactly what she wants them to do.. They start talking.. Either way with her plan working out well and the entire internet sphere talking about her rear end, Nicki revealed the release date would be July 28.

But then just a few days before the release date Nicki suddenly announced that the single would be pushed back.

She wrote: 

My darlingz, I’ve pushed the release of Anaconda to next week, Monday 8/4. I promise you will understand why before the week is out. Loveeeeeeee uuuuuu

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