7 Reasons Hip Hop Has NO Billionaires!

why hip hop has no billionaires

7 Reasons Hip Hop Has NO Billionaires!

I came across a really dope article yesterday and wanted to see what your thoughts are on it.

The piece is written by @KelbyCannick

Anyway here’s the brilliant piece via Making IT Magazine.

7 Reasons Hip Hop Has NO Billionaires!

When it was announced that Apple was acquiring Beats for $3 Billion, the hip hop blogosphere exploded with talks of Dre being hip hop’s first billionaire. Being the nerd that I am and having followed the acquisitions of tech companies like Instagram and Whatsapp, I understood that there were finer financial intricacies at play than cutting a check for 25% (Dre’s stake in Beats) of $3.2 Billion (The initial Beats sale price to Apple).
After the dust settled and the acquisition was complete, Dre’s  post-Apple net worth was estimated to be in the neighborhood of $780 Million; leapfrogging him over Hov and Diddy, but still putting him more than $200 Million shy of the billion dollar mark.

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