Keri Hilson is On Team Jesus Now?

Keri Hilson is On Team Jesus Now?

Singer, Keri Hilson, the one that puts out songs about how much she hates broke men and how much of a Boss she is cause she can buy out the bar with her own money (Keri be talking that ish! I miss that Keri) has been pretty much M.I.A. from her recording career as of lately.  The only thing we’ve heard about her is her breakup and makeup with Serge Ibaka. 

Although I’m truly saddened by her lack of Boss Chick music or any music at all for that matter, I’m happy to report that the “You’re Turning Me On” singer has now found Jesus and I’m proud of her.


Apparently Keri has been busy tweeting biblical things..  I had some more to report on but to be honest, I was too busy laughing at the story Sandra Rose wrote..

Click Here To Read It.  That woman is a mess!

Anyway, we miss you Keri. Put out some more Boss Chick music please..

Just incase you forgot the music Keri makes, since it’s been so long..