Teen Molester Who Was Beaten Is The Son of Father’s Fiance, Father Says Family Is Torn Apart


The 18-year-old child molestor Raymond Frolander who was brutally beat when a father caught him with his pants down doing the illegal most with his child has healed up, taken a new mugshot  and has plead not guilty.    The victims family is completely torn apart by what has happened.

The teen sex offender who looks notably different in his new mugshot plead not guilty to the charges of sexual battery on a child under 12.  Previously when Raymond was arrested he admitted that he was “guilty” and claimed that he too had been sexually abused as a child. 

Frolander pleaded not guilty to sexual battery on a child under 12 at his arraignment on Thursday morning in Volusia County, Florida. He is being held without bond.

In a recent mugshot, Frolander’s face appeared to have healed after his initial booking photo which showed his puffed lips, swollen eyes and bloody mouth after a beating by father Jason Browning.

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