Josie Harris Calls Out Shantel Over Mayweather Lawsuit: ‘You Will Be Back Working At Rio Hotel As A Maid’


Shantel Jackson filed a lawsuit against championship boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. last week and unfortunately not many people are sympathizing with her including Josie Harris, Floyd’s baby mama.. The one who Floyd was sent to jail over, after beating Josie up in front of their two kids.

At the time Josie was getting beat up Miss Jackson was dating Mayweather and knew all about the incident.  Around this time Shantel was also getting beat up by Floyd but she choose to take Floyd’s side and stick by him; although Josie’s older son told police that he saw the whole thing,

Shantel released a statement saying that Josie and her son were lying about the whole thing, although she wasn’t anywhere around when the beat down occurred.

Now Jose Harris is calling Shantel out on her BS.

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