Kim Kardashian Is Nearly Tackled To The Ground At The Paris Fashion Show Week!


It All Went Down Thursday Right Outside The Paris Fashion Show Week Event.  When Kim, Kanye And Kris Arrived They Were Swarmed By The Paps. As The Trio Got Out Of The Car Some Guy Lunges Toward Kim And Grabs Hold To Her Legs And Attempts To Pull Her To The Ground!


Security Restrained The Man As Kim K Is Whisked Into The Building. According To TMZ The Attacker Appears To Be Vitalii Sediuk “The Ukrainian Prankster” Who’s Done This To Other Famous Celebs As Well.


This Guy Is One Can Short Of A Six Pack...Maybe Even Dangerous!

This Guy Is One Can Short Of A Six Pack…Maybe Even Dangerous!

I’m Still Speechless As To How This Guy Got Away With Kanye Not Moppin The Scene With His Motley *ss!


Lucky For Him He’s Not In ICU Right About Now!