Friend of Ebola victim put in ‘quarantine’, Kids Removed From School In Dallas

Friend of Ebola victim

Friend of Ebola victim put in ‘quarantine’ after visiting sick man in his apartment where he was ‘wildy vomiting’ express his concerns – and that CDC have NOT really put him in quarantine. 

Reports: Daily Mail

A friend of Texas Ebola patient, Thomas Ducan, describes his family’s situation in isolation after spending time with sick man the day he was admitted to the hospital.

43-year-old Aaron Yah revealed he had not received any orders to remain in ‘quarantine’ and three days have gone since the CDC officials visited him in the family’s apartment.

Speaking exclusively to MailOnline, Mr Yah said: ‘The CDC came on Tuesday, the day it was confirmed Thomas had Ebola. They told me that the children should not go to school until 17 October.