Orgies, Alcohol & Anxieties: Biographer Says Aretha Franklin Did The MOST

Her other weakness was her ego: Aretha became so jealous when Roberta Flack and soul singer Donny Hathaway sang duets together, she fumed about being on the same record label with Flack.

She saw Barbra Streisand as competition. She had the same reaction to Diana Ross when Ross played Billie Holiday in Lady Sings the Blues. She was feeling outdone by these other women.

Aretha was infuriated when Natalie Cole became a star in 1975 ending Aretha’s eight-year Grammy streak and winning best female rhythm-and blue vocal performance with This Will Be (an Everlasting Love).

But it was females period that Aretha didn’t like.She couldn’t maintain a relationship with another woman and cut off any possible friendship, immediately putting them on her ‘s*** list’.

Aretha was convinced that Mavis Staples, Gladys Knight, Diana Ross were all after her throne.

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