@rickyrozay dropped his own version of @Jeremih’s hit single, “Don’t Tell Em.” LISTEN


Rick Ross is one of the few rappers that when I hear he has put new music out, I’m actually curious to see what he’s done. So of course when I heard he remixed “Don’t Tell Em” I ran the same way he probably used to run to Wing Stop before he got all healthy and ish.. 

Complex  Reports:

While fans patiently wait for the release of Rick Ross’ next studio album, Hood Billionaire, he decides to liberate a new remix of Jeremih’s hit single, “Don’t Tell Em,” in the meantime.

While keeping Jeremih’s verses and infectious hook intact, Rozay lends a quick 16 to the cut, rapping about his collection of “loud” and his various speedboat adventures, while finding time to promote both his album, which drops on November 24, and Stalley’s that arrives next week.


I love it.. What do You Think?