Woman Beat Up, Pulled A Gun On Husband’s SidePiece, After He Brought Her Along To Serve Divorce Papers

unnamed (21)

Sharona Coach-Barnes was probably minding her own business watching the latest episode of Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood. She was already in her emotions because that show is known to do that .

Her door bell rung, when she looked out the window it was her no good soon to be ex husband, Derico Barnes.

When Sharona looked closer she noticed he had his side piece, Cherrita Evans with him.

Cherrita was so brave.

Sharona thought to herself, I know this B.A.N is not trying to play me like he’s Yung Berg and I’m Hazel E.

Sharona quickly opened the door and went to work on the side piece’s head.

Sharona even Pepper sprayed Cherrita.

As if that wasn’t enough, after Derico and Cherrita ran.  Sharona got her brother and mother located them, and then proceeded to pull a gun out.

Oh, Sharona wasn’t playing no games.

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