Anonymous Threatens To Ruin Iggy Azalea’s Career Unless She Apologizes To Azealia Banks & Eric Garner NYC Protestors


There is a lot of bullying going on in the cyber world this week. If you think Sony Pictures pissed off the wrong people then you’ll really think that Iggy Azalea has pissed off the wrong peeps.

In an attempt to defend herself against Azealia Banks latest attacks, Iggy took to Twitter and said something that would gain her a powerful new enemy called Anonymous.  The group is responsible for many cyber attacks.

Azealia Banks appeared on Hot 97, complaining and calling out Iggy Azalea less as a crappy artist and more as a symptom of a crappy industry (and the crappiness of the Grammys) that doesn’t reward black artists. Banks when on to accuse Iggy of appropropriating black women and even using her rear end to promote herself.

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