Floyd Mayweather Pays For Rapper Earl Hayes Funeral


With his constant boastfulness and arrogance what many people don’t know about the undefeated Boxing champion Floyd Mayweather, Jr. is that he is very generous.

A friend of his, Earl Hayes Jr. shot and killed his wife in the middle of a FaceTime session with Floyd Mayweather after revealing to Mayweather that his wife Stephanie Moseley was cheating on him.

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Although Earl did a horrible thing by taking a life in addition to his own, Floyd still felt the need to pay for his funeral expenses.

His funeral is today. Stephanie’s funeral was held on Friday in Canada. It’s unclear whether Mayweather footed the bill for that too.

Sidenote: Did you know that Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s mother named him Floyd Joy Sinclair when he was born?? He would later take his fathers name..  Interesting..