Morgan Hardman Slams Ray J & Girlfriend Princess Love. Says The Suicide Story Was All For Publicity.


Earlier this week news broke out that Ray J called 911 after Princess Love threatened to kill herself , and word is she wanted to commit suicide after the two broke it off. 

Guess suicide wasn’t in the brain for too long because not much longer after that, Princess & Ray J took a “loving” selfie together. Confirming that they were still together. 

After allowing the story to go on for two days, Princess spoke with TMZ and claimed that this was all a misunderstanding and that she would never kill herself.

She admits that she took things “too far,” she claims that the scare was due to an argument that she and Ray had regarding their plans for the holidays. She also says that she and Ray have reunited since the fall-out.

Sounds childish to me.. 

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