Aunt Confesses To Beating Her 3 Year Old Nephew With A Belt Until He Died


A three year old child refused to go to bed while his aunt babysit him. So she decided to beat him so brutally with a belt, he died. The mother wasn’t aware her son passed away until she got home. 

New York Daily News Reports

The aunt of a 3-year-old boy found lying dead in her arms beat the helpless child with a belt when he refused to go to bed, police sources said Thursday.

Suspect Christen (Ninee) Dale, 21, confessed in a videotaped interview at the 67th Precinct to whipping little Ethan Ali in a Brooklyn apartment, the sources said.

“He wouldn’t go to sleep,” said one source. “He came into her room and started jumping up and down on her bed. She told him, ‘Go to your room.’

“Then she hit him with the belt.”

Dale was taken into custody Wednesday afternoon after paramedics arrived at the first floor apartment to find the lifeless body of the small child.

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