Craigslist Strikes Again : Atlanta College Student Murdered Over An iPhone

James Jones Jr.

James Jones Jr.

Last month a sweet Georgia couple, The Runions were killed after going to meet a  prospective Craigslist seller in order to buy a classic Mustang car.

Now a Clark Atlanta College student was found murdered after he responded to an an for a iPhone off the same website.

Late Monday night, James Jones Jr., 21, arrived in a Marietta, Georgia neighborhood to buy an iPhone 6. He was ambushed by three men who shot him once in the neck and once in his right shoulder ..  The .45-caliber handgun wounds would prove deadly..  The college chemistry major was D.O.A. By the time police arrived there was no life left in his body.

Once the gunshots zipped through his body the three suspects would open up the front door of Jones’ car  to rob him of his cash and steal the Nike sneakers off his feet. He was left there in the front seat in a pool of blood to die.

Less than 24 hours later the police would have three suspects in custody.

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