Shocking– Dawn Richards Got MORE Plastic Surgery And You Won’t Believe The Results (Photos)

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Dawn Richards has her fans concerned by her latest pictures. She looks nothing like the girl in the above picture.

Even though Dawn hasn’t admitted, she has had some work done. Over the past year her looks have changed drastically.

Dawn Richards has been trying to revamp her career since “Making The Band” with Diddy.

She had a successful run with Danity Kane, but Diddy closed shop on the group for no apparent reason. It was rumored that Diddy didn’t want to give the group their share of funds, is the reason he ended them.

After she left Danity Kane she tried a solo career which flopped. Then she joined the group Dirty Money with Diddy, that also separated.

Danity Kane tried to come together again last year, but that didn’t work out either.

With all the failures her next stop would be the obvious. Change her look.

But the change in her appearance is so shocking her fans don’t even recognize her.

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