Girl Gang Members Kicked Out If School After Bloody Brawl


JamicaGleaner Reports

Officials of the top-ranked Corporate Area girls’ high school, The Queen’s School, are refusing to comment, but The Sunday Gleaner has been told that the parents of at least eight students have been instructed to find new schools for them immediately.

The decision was made following a probe into a bloody battle which started on the school compound and continued on the road almost two weeks ago and left two alleged members of a gang, including the reputed leader, hospitalised with knife wounds.

The all-girl gang, which has been dubbed the Mafia Gang by a teacher at the Anglican Diocese of Jamaica-owned institution, is said to have been perpetually disruptive.

Allegations levelled against the gang include involvement in acts of intimidation both in and outside of classes; issuing threats; taking knives to school; colluding with others off the school compound to steal electronic devices, including laptops and cell phones; and getting involved in violent fights.

The school was forced to take strong action against the girls after the latest fight involving the gang members almost turned deadly on May 12.

It is reported that just prior to the end of the school day, one member of the gang was accosted by another and prevented from leaving the compound, allowing others to join. An argument ensued and knives were pulled. At the end of the fracas, two girls were left suffering from stab wounds.

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