Husband Leaves Wife After Being Pregnant For Almost 3 Years With Twins, Wife Claims Doctors Don’t Know Whats Wrong And Refuse To Take The Babies


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Newsdze Reports

LIFE for a woman has turned into a nightmare after she was ditched by her husband and is also facing possible eviction from her rural home because she has been “pregnant” for over two years.

Ms Tendai Siband 29, claims she skipped her periods for the first nine months she was “pregnant” and has endured 30 months of pregnancy with no sign that she might give birth anytime soon.

“The problem started about two years ago when I missed my periods and my stomach started bulging. I went to A District Hospital and the nurses who attended to me told me that I was pregnant and could have twins.

“When my delivery was due, I waited there for five months but could not give birth. I went to see the doctor but I was told that there was nothing wrong with me.

“It’s close to three years now but the problem is yet to be established,” she said.

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