Mathew Knowles’ Baby Mama Still Begging Him To Spend Time With His Daughter, He Won’t Even See Her

mathew knowles baby mama photo picture

Mathew Knowles is a cold piece.

Knowles indubitably had a good thing going when he pushed his daughter Beyonce to stardom along with his wife.. Bey even allowed her father to continue to manage her well into her career.. That is until the family found out that Mathew cheated on Tina with a stripper who ended up getting pregnant..

As a result no one on Beyonce’s side of the family speaks to Mathew..  You would think since the family has ostracized him that Mathew would attempt to get close to his 4-year old daughter that he had with the stripper TaQoya Branscomb..

Remarkably, that’s not the case. Knowles has went on to get remarried and pretend like he doesn’t have a young child who needs a father in her life.

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