21-year-old mom charged with murder of 3-week-old son she threw out 4th-floor window told cops an ‘evil spirit’ had taken over baby’s body

A woman accused of tossing her newborn son to his death from a fourth-floor window told police an ‘evil spirit had taken over the baby’s body.’

Daily Mail reports: 

Rashida Chowdhury, 21, from Queens, New York is being held without bail after her arrest late last week in the death of her month-old son, Rizwan.

Chowdhury initially told detectives that she had been asleep in the bed with her son and awoke to discover he was gone, but she later admitted she threw him out the window, police said. 

She made the shocking admission to cops telling them that she thought the baby had been possessed by an evil spirit and had been sick recently, and she was ‘stopping the pain.’

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