Chris Brown Puts Baby Mama On Blast For Using Their Daughter As A ‘Meal Ticket’ — She Responds


I can honestly say I’m ready for the judge to settle this mess between Chris Brown and Nia Guzman. 

Chris Brown has been very active in his daughter’s life since we all found out he even had a baby. 

But according to Nia, Chris doesn’t do much for their child and he only has her less than 2 weeks out of the month. 

With that being said, Last month TMZ reported that Nia was asking for $15k a month in child support and frankly.. we all think that’s absolutely insane. 

A few months ago the two of them had a good relationship and Nia even considered moving from Houston to LA so Royalty could be closer to her dad.. 

Now the two are not on such great terms at all… so who knows what will happen now. 

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