23-Year-Old Father Robs A Bank To Pay For His Daughter’s Chemo, After Insurance Runs Out

Detroit, Michigan – On Aug. 12. Brian Randolph, 23, robbed the Vibe Credit Union in South Lyon, Michigan, after passing the teller a note saying he had a shotgun concealed in his pants and that he wanted $20,000.

He escaped with $8,100 in cash — but his poor disguise gave him away, and police tracked him down two days later following an appeal for information on Facebook.

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Randolph told police he needed the money to help pay for his daughter’s chemotherapy treatments, authorities said.

While the note indicated he had a shotgun hidden in his clothes, he never revealed the firearm and police told ABC News that he said he did not actually bring a gun with him.

He has been charged with armed robbery and bank robbery and had his bond set at $500,000, police said.

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