Former Football Player Lost His Life Trying To Be Kind By Giving Stranger A Ride, Prosecutors Say


Sometimes, being kind to the wrong person can cost you your life.. It’s like helping a dying snake who is laying frozen in the snow.. Once you get it warm and nurse it back to health, it’s going to bite you…

Lots of two legged snakes in this world…

DEKALB COUNTY, Georgia. — Prosecutors are wrapping up their case against a serial criminal for the murder of an ex NFL player..

David McMillan, lost his life when he tried to help a stranger out by giving that person a ride, according to prosecutors.

Antonio Faust, 20, has been charged with one count of murder,  aggravated assault, armed robbery and other charges. He faces life in prison if convicted..

Jurors in his trial heard 911 calls from that night in May 2013 when people on Pinehill Drive said they heard and saw what happened.

“Somebody just got shot,” one caller said. “I think he shot him at least twice and the man said, ‘Help.'”

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