Stripper’s Dead Body Found Next To Garbage Dumpster, Police Don’t Know Who Killed Her

Patsy Cathey, Patsey Cathey

Strippers Dead Body Found Next To Garbage Dumpster, Her Murder Has Become A Mystery

As a family mourns the death of a loved one, the story surrounding the woman’s untimely death is taking twists and turns. It has turned into a real life murder mystery.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis woman was reported missing on August 13th.. Just four days later her body was found in a wooded area next to a dumpster inside an eastside apartment complex.


On Monday, Patsy Cathey, 33 was found dead, facedown with a gunshot wound to the head in the 6500 block of Lost Oak Drive at Providence Place Apartments, a very rough neighborhood according to residents.

The day before her body was found Patsy was supposed to be profiled on a tv show called ‘Mid-South’s Most Wanted,‘ for an outstanding warrant.. 

On Sunday morning at 3:59 a.m., family and friends noticed a strange status update on Patsys Facebook Page. In the message, Patsy Cathey said that a drunk driver almost killed her in a car wreck..


The night would get even more panicky when it was learned that Patsy, who worked as an exotic dancer, had text messaged her cousin, just a few minutes earlier at 3:53 a.m. saying she was out East and a drunk driver almost killed her in a car wreck.


It reads “Please Cuz I need u I’m out east this man drunk and done had a wreck with me in the car.”

The family doesn’t  know if the man mentioned in the messages was a customer, friend or stranger.

The family says now they do not believe Patsey wrote those messages.


On Wednesday morning, Dennisha Cathey says she received a phone call from detectives saying they found her sister’s body beside a dumpster..

Detetives told Dennisha that positive identification was obtained from running Patsey’s fingerprints through the police database, but they would still need her to come down to the morgue to identify the remains.


Cathey’s husband said the last time he’d talked to her was a week before. She was his everything.. 

“Y’all took my life, man. Y’all took my heart from me,” said Cathey’s husband Anthony Jones. “Y’all took my soul, y’all took my rib, y’all took my Eve.”

“I haven’t been sleep in days,” said Jones. “I haven’t eaten in days. Y’all hurt a lot of people, man. So please, man, I’m begging you from the bottom of my heart. Whoever that know something about it, just tell somebody.”


“Whatever happened to her, it had to have been with somebody she trust,” Jones added.

“I miss her,” said Jones. “Y’all done took my heart. Y’all took my world from me, man. That’s it.”

Cathey frequently posted videos and pictures of herself showing her exotic dancer lifestyle on Facebook.


“Her job was her job, don’t base her life [off that],” said a childhood friend. “Please find her killer.”

“That will make every woman feel safe. To kill a woman— just find her killer.”



Cathey had a warrant out for her arrest for an aggravated assault charge. However, her family said they weren’t aware of any charges against her.

The family is searching for answers..

Police are still investigating how she died. A neighbor told police he’d heard gunshots on Sunday night..

A worker at the complex said the woman’s body was near a set of dumpsters on the street.

“It’s bad for a woman–for anybody–for that to happen to anybody,” Memphian Michael Jamison said. “But you stay in Memphis, so it doesn’t surprise me.”

If you have any information about what may have led to Cathey’s death, please call Crime Stoppers at 901-528-CASH (2274), text ‘AWARD’ to 274637 or visit