Chris Brown Scores A Win When He Shows Up In Court To Fight For His Daughter Royalty

Chris Brown

This morning TMZ reported that Chris Brown didn’t show up to court to fight for his daughter Royalty..

“Chris Brown scored an early victory in his custody war with Nia Guzman that could end up saving him hundreds of thousands of dollars.

There was no sign of Chris during the first part of the hearing in a Houston courtroom … where the judge shot down Guzman’s motion to move the case to California. Although Guzman now lives in Cali … the judge pointed out she was living in the Houston area when the case was filed.

Brown’s attorney opposed the motion to move — most likely because California courts tend to award more money in child support cases than Texas. Remember, Chris is currently paying Nia $2,500 per month, but she wants to bump that to $15k.

The hearing’s still going on — the judge still has to hash out a custody arrangement, and rule on the gag order Chris wants … to stop Nia from bad mouthing him.”

But Chris just posted a photo at court along with his lawyer Mark Geragos.

Breezy said he’s been at court for the last 2 hours;  in a private area.


Chris is ready for war over his adorable baby girl, and I don’t think Mia will win.  

Then again the Judge might get upset that Breezy didn’t wear a suit to court..  He wore a white tee, but at least it had a pocket..  That’s respectable, right?

Now, just admit you’re loving the new CB.

UPDATE: Chris Brown won join custody.. Click Here For That Story..