Former Prostitute & Pimp Change Their Lives Around After Getting Saved & Married

A lineup at Sheri’s Ranch

Las Vegas is a fast city.. You must know how to move and shake here.. If you don’t the city will chew you up and spit you out..

One thing that’s prevalent in Sin City is that the city is filled with absolutely gorgeous working girls.. The kind that look like they could be on the cover of any urban magazine..

The oldest profession in the book is somewhat acceptable in Vegas the same way it’s acceptable for Mexicans to stand on the strip handing out cards with naked women on them, directing tourists to call an escort service to get a girl to their room in 15 minutes for $99.  The culture is soaked in sin and your every lustful desire can be fulfilled with one phone call..

There’s even a big trucks rolling up and down the strip with those same advertisements on them..

In Vegas, money talks and bullish*t walks..

One woman lived the escort/prostitute lifestyle with her pimp until one day she suddenly decided to change her life around by the grace of God..

Here is her story of how she went from being a drug addicted prostitute to being a housewife..

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