What this woman did to calm a crying baby on an airplane will make you SMILE

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What this woman did to calm a crying baby on an airplane will make you smile

The woman above, Rebekka Garvison got on an airplane with her cute little baby girl,  Rylee who loved to cry..

Rebekka was headed on surprise visit to see her husband, who is stationed in the army..

Already stressed out and worried about having to keep Rylee calm and carrying everything by herself,, Rebekka boarded the plane..

Upon being seated inside the airplane Rebekka noticed other passengers giving her the annoyed face, because baby Rylee wouldn’t stop crying.

Once Rylee started crying her mom Rebekka spotted 2 empty seats in the front of the plane and asked to be moved there..

The seats were next to Nyfesha Miller..   The flight attendant said yes.

Nyfesha noticed the baby wouldn’t stop crying and asked if she could hold the child..

The mother said yes.. This would change everything.. 


People get so annoyed when babies cry on an airplane. But not this woman, she actually helped a stranger and her baby..

Once baby Rylee was in the stranger’s, arms she instantly stopped crying and slept through the entire flight, in Nyfesha’s arms..   Rebekka thanked her profusely, but Nyfesha maintained that it was no big deal. In fact she said it was a comfort to her.

This touching story has gone viral after being shared on Facebook.  The post now has over 15,000 shares..

Thank You Nyfesha for showing that some human beings can still be kind to others..