Mother heartbroken, prosecutor postpones trial of man accused of murdering popular Atlanta Stripper, Angela Rabotte aka “Climax”

Update: Mother heartbroken after prosecutor postpones trial for man accused of murdering popular Atlanta Stripper, Angela Rabotte aka “Climax”

Judy Rabotte is heartbroken after being informed that the murder trial for the man who killed her daughter has been postponed..

Her daughter Angela Rabotte, 26 was killed last March and her killer, Charles Outlaw, 29 was not arrested until four months later..

Now over a year later, the case has still not gone to trial.

This week, Angela’s mother took to Facebook to express her hurt over the trial postponement and ask for prayers. The burden of having to fly back and forth from Las Vegas to Atlanta is apparently taking a financial and emotional toll on her..

“I am so sorry to have to be posting this, but as of today the trial has been postponed”, Judy Rabotte wrote. “Apparently the lead investigator is unable to testify that week, so they have to go back to the judge to have a new date set.

I am so broken right now, having gone through all the emotions preparing for this, only to be back at square one, not knowing when, and that doesn’t even touch the financial end, as we stand to lose major money on our plane tickets.

I just don’t understand, I truly thought we were close to getting some closure. I reallty don’t know how much more I can take.

So again, I’m asking for prayers, and again I’ll keep everyone updated as to if and when we get a date. . sleep sweetly my Angel Angie.”

Charles was long suspected to be involved in Angela’s death.. He was the last person seen with her.

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