Man orders $5 meal at KFC, This is what they gave him, You won’t believe his response


Phong Le went to KFC to order a $5 Fill Up… This is what they gave him….. His response is shocking..

Went into the KFC close to my house and ordered my $5 Fill Ups. As the cashier gave back the change, I asked for the tips jar. She told me that KFC doesn’t allow them to place a tips jar on the counter. I asked if they could accept tips. The cashier said yes. I asked how many employees were present at the moment. She said 4. So i proceeded to give them each $20. They were in complete shock to say the least.

I usually find myself guilty of wasting countless amount of money on needless, useless, and downright unhealthy things while others are struggling to make ends meet. I hope to become more mindful starting from now and start helping those in need even more…

How thoughtful!