Nevada brothel owner offers to help repay student loan debt

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All over America there are men pimping women, beating them up, taking all of their money, pride, self-esteem and anything else good..

But just a few miles outside of Las Vegas, in Carson, NV where prostitution is legal, Bunny Ranch brothel owner Dennis Hoff is offering to help pay off the student loan debt of girls who decide to sell their body’s in his establishment..

Fox 5 Vegas Reports:

CARSON CITY, NV  – Student debt is out of control, with graduates starting out their careers with tens of thousands of dollars in loans.

Now the Bunny Ranch owner and star of HBO’s Cathouse series, Dennis Hof, has a unique and rapid way to help his employees pay off their student loans

At the University of Nevada, Reno, students graduate with about $22,000 in student loan debt, a problem not just on that campus but all across the country.

Hof says he noticed the student loan drama play out at the Bunny Ranch with educated women who were tens of thousands of dollars in debt having no way to pay the debts off quickly.

By the end of the summer he decided to make it official: Any woman that comes to work for him – for approximately 60 days – money earned that goes toward a student loan he will match.

He says many women can make up to $20,000 in one month at the Bunny Ranch.

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Hof says women who take him up on his offer do not have to stay once the loans are paid off. But he says some of those women may choose to continue working at the Bunny Ranch because, after all, there are home loans and even retirement to consider.

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