People Are Outraged After Raven Symone Said She Wouldn’t Hire Anyone With A “Black” Name (Video)


Everybody hates Raven Symone right now and they have a good reason this time.

I have always tried to give Raven the benefit of a doubt even when she went on Oprah and said she didn’t consider herself black. I thought people really misunderstood what she said in the interview.

But now, enough is enough. Things have really gotten out of hand for her.

Yesterday Raven started an OUTRAGE when she put her foot in her mouth, yet AGAIN and said she wouldn’t hire anyone with a “BLACK” name.

TMZ Reports

“The View” co-host admitted on Thursday she discriminates when it comes to people with names like

Watermelondrea” … and would not hire someone with such a unique name.

Of course, that comment came from a black woman named Raven-Symone … while she was rocking a hot pink mohawk.

The irony is not lost on ‘View’ fans, many of whom are blasting Raven on social media and even calling for her to be replaced … by Rachel Dolezal.

SMH !!

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