Student, Tony Robinson Explains What Happened During Officer Assaulting Student Incident

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Late Monday night, News19 obtained a second video of the incident. It’s a longer clip than the initial one, and some extra conversation can be heard.

A student inside the classroom Tony Robinson, Jr. explained what went down..

“I’ve never seen anything so nasty looking, so sick to the point that you know, other students are turning away, don’t know what to do, and are just scared for their lives,” said Tony Robinson Jr., who made the recording

“That’s supposed to be somebody that’s going to protect us. Not somebody that we need to be scare off, or afraid.”

Lott had earlier told News19 that the student refused to leave after a teacher asked her to. An administrator was called to the room, and also asked the student to leave, Lott said, and she refused again. Finally, the school resource officer came to the room. Lott said the officer forcibly removed the student.

The girl was charged with disturbing schools, and was released to the custody of her parents. Another female student in the class was also charged with disturbing schools.

Niya Kenny, 18, identified herself as the other student who was charged. She said she was standing up for her classmate.

“I had never seen nothing like that in my life, a man use that much force on a little girl. A big man, like 300 pounds of full muscle. I was like ‘no way, no way.’

You can’t do nothing like that to a little girl. I’m talking about she’s like 5’6”.

Lott said Fields had been sued before, but that juries in those cases found in his favor. He was also named in a lawsuit over the expulsion of a student, but Lott said that did not involve a claim of excessive force.

News19 reached out to Richland School District Two. Superintendent Dr. Debbie Hamm said that the district was “deeply concerned” about the incident, and will not tolerate any actions that jeopardize the safety of students.

Lott says the student didn’t do anything wrong. She took her phone out for a quick second and was very apologetic when the teacher said something to her about it..

Lott says the teacher then tried to take the student’s phone and the student refused to give it up.. So then an administrator was called, to which the student refused to leave the classroom because she felt like she had done nothing wrong. So then the office  was called..

The officer also arrested the one girl who was not afraid and bravely stood up in the class and said “This is wrong” while the officer was throwing the girl across the room by her hair..


Niya Kennedy,  the student who was arrested for speaking out, also spoke with the news.. Niya said she was crying and praying as the incident unfolded..  Niya was arrested and released on a $1,000 bond..


The officer is currently suspended pending investigation.. If the officer is not eventually arrested, I think chaos will ensue in the town…