Video captured of daycare working hitting child 22-times makes the mother cry


This place sounds like the abusive daycare center of America..

A daycare worker was caught on tape beating a child with a bat while another was caught on that same tape hitting a child over 35 times..

CLEVELAND, OHIO – Two day care workers were caught on video repeatedly hitting two young children.

Around  5 p.m. Wednesday at the Cedar Early Learning Center on Cedar Road in Cleveland, surveillance video captured graphic footage of a 49-year-old day care worker hitting a 2-year-old boy up to 22 times with a plastic backscratcher.

The video shows the worker push the boy to the ground and hit him again..

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 1.24.51 PM

All this was done while another daycare worker sat at the table and watched…

Then just 10 minutes later, the video shows the same day care worker hit the toddler several more times, drag him and then slam him down on a changing table.

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