Jill Scott is single and has a child she’s raising but says ‘I am not a single mother’


Just in time for the holiday season, Steve Harvey is presenting what he’s calling the Thankful Hour. In a clip from the upcoming episode Harvey is joined by his good friend actress/singer Jill Scott who opens up about overcoming hardships in her childhood.

During that candid discussion , Jill brought up her son Jett, who although she’s single, says she doesn’t feel like she’s raising him by herself and doesn’t consider herself a “single mother.”

“Honestly, I am not a single mother,” Scott tells Harvey. “Everybody joins in to help me raise Jett. These are people that I love and trust. ‘Single’ to me implies that there’s nobody else to help you. If I need a minute, if I need some advice, I can call some folks, and they’ll come in. They’ll help throw the ball, teach him out to play catch… they’ll teach him how to pee standing up, because what do I know about it?”

Be sure to catch Scott’s full interview on Steve Harvey Tuesday, November 24.