Kylie Borrowed Tyga $500,000 so he could Keep Up With the Kardashians, Now she wants it back


Now that Kylie Jenner has used Tyga to gain hip hop popularity, she’s sick and tired of his broke azz..

Hollywood Life Reports: Tyga may have won back Kylie Jenner but now, he needs to win the lottery. has the EXCLUSIVE scoop how Kylie has loaned Tyga close to half a million dollars and that Tyga’s money problems are causing relationship problems.

All’s fair in love and war, but when it comes to money, every cent counts. Kylie Jenner, 18, knows this, because she’s been butting heads with her boy, Tyga, 26, over financial matters. Now, has the EXCLUSIVE details on how Kylie has lent a shocking amount of money to Tyga, and how this might lead to another breakup!

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