Bill Cosby Sues Accuser Beverly Johnson for Defamation ‘I Did Not Drug That Woman’

Bill Cosby Sues Accuser Beverly Johnson for Defamation

In an effort to pick up his career, pride, self-esteem and respectability out the enormous dumpster that Bill Cosby’s accusers dumped him in, the comedian is slowly filing suit against the women who claimed he drugged and raped them, before me and you even inhabited the earth..

As for former model Beverly Johnson, Cosby is seeking damages and a public retraction from her.

Time Magazine Reports: Bill Cosby filed a defamation suit against Beverly Johnson, according to his lawyer, for statements the former model made about the comedian in the media.

Johnson is one of dozens of women who have accused Cosby of sexual assault—she came forward in a Vanity Fair article that detailed her troubling encounter with Cosby, during which she said the star drugged her. In a statement issued Monday, Cosby’s attorney Monique Pressley said Cosby is suing Johnson in California for her “false, malicious, opportunistic, and defamatory accusations that Mr. Cosby drugged her.”

Pressley’s statement says Johnson is benefiting financially from sharing her story, which she told on several media shows and included in her recent memoir.

Cosby is seeking compensatory and punitive damages and a court order that would keep Johnson from making further statements.

This is just Cosby’s latest legal action against his alleged victims. Last week, he sued seven of his accusers for defamation; he is seeking public retractions from each of them.

Back in his day we would eat a Jello Pudding pop while watching this go down.. But now days we drink tea..