Bobby Shmurda May Be Released From Prison This Week


It’s been almost a year since the 21-year-old rapper, Bobby Shmurda took over the world with his “Shmurda” dance and then ended up getting  locked up on drug and gun charges.

Being as hot of an artist as he was at the time you would think his record label Epic records would put up his $2 Million bail.  But the label refused to..  That shouldn’t be surprising though, because they gave him a sh*tty record deal in the first place..  The kid wasn’t making money..

Shmurda whose real name is Ackquille Jean Pollard and his revolving team of lawyers have tried to have his bail reduced four times, and four times they have failed.

Now there are reports that his current legal team and prosecutors are meeting this week to discuss his bail situation, and there’s a chance something can be worked out.

According to  TMZ  Bobby’s aunt has put up several properties to help pay for his bond, and that the family is working with bail-bondsman to the stars Ira Judelson.

That certainly won’t end Shmurda’s problems — his trial starts on February 22 and he’s facing up to 25 years.

But at least he would be able to enjoy Christmas at home.