Girl Is Engaged To Her Cousin In Prison And Pregnant With His Child


Adding insult to injury, the judge denies Andrew’s bail bond and sentences him to a six-year term — meaning he misses the birth of their daughter.

Meanwhile, Grace, 23, is married to her cousin Dylan, 24, and they have two daughters (ages 3 and 18 months) together. Though they didn’t know each other growing up, they have been outcasts from their family since getting married (her mom and stepdad were the only two people to attend the wedding from her side). Grace’s brother has disowned her, and when they show up to her niece’s 3rd birthday party uninvited, they aren’t let in.

“It was definitely a slap in the face, and one that I won’t forget, ever,” she says.

Tired of being ostracized, the couple decides to move across the country from Cedar Hill, Tenn., to LA, where they hope their unconventional relationship will be accepted.

After an eventful drive west (their car breaks down outside of Phoenix and they’re forced to pawn their TV to pay for a motel), their new California life proves to be short-lived — they run out of money after just two weeks and are forced to return to Tennessee, where they are still trying to make amends with their family.