Lark Voorhies Comes Clean About Why Her Face Has Drastically Changed

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Lark Voorhies is keenly aware of all the cruel jokes people have made about her appearance..

Most of the mockery was clearly due to the actress wearing heavy make-up that wasn’t blended well in addition to the general public not being aware that the “Saved By The Bell” star suffered from an auto immune disease..

In order to bring awareness to Lark revealed to the world that she suffers from Lupus..

To whom much is given, much is tested. I have been the blunt of many cruel jokes at my own expense and my appearance has made headlines for all the wrong reasons which have been anything that I can fully comprehend to the fullest myself. To whom it may concern, In 2007, I was diagnosed with Lupus. The past few years have been the hardest. While many have maliciously made fun of my heavy make-up, I’ve been having whats called butterfly rashes. Make-up seems to minimize some spots of malar rashes that come & go but have left me highly insecure. I pray for sympathy and understanding as I have not fully come to cope and understand this disease myself and help spread worldwide awareness of something so personal. God bless. LV

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