R Kelly Begs Black People To Buy His Album [VIDEO]


“We gotta start supporting each other,” Kelly said in a video pleading with black buyers to purchase his latest album, The Buffet.

“I bust my ass going around doing shows to survive, but I do this for the love,” Kelly said. “But come on, at some point we gotta start supporting each other. Everybody supports every other category of music, we gotta start supporting each other.”

He went on to bemoan the fact that his music fans and his record label had both been severely lacking in their level of support, saying, “I want my people to get behind me.”

R. Kelly posted the video message yesterday and he spoke his true thoughts on how fans of all other genres still support artists like Adele and Ed Shereen, but how R&B artists also need that same support from R&B fans to keep soul music alive.

He also said that his record label is treating him like a step-child.

R. Kelly’s album, The Buffet, was released yesterday (12-11-15) and when it comes to marketing and promoting his new album, his label is giving him the section 8 promotion package, as opposed to the premium royalty promotion plan. Labels are renowned for doing this to artists who are actually gems on their roster. Do they think R. Kelly’s fans are all dead or something? Just because they’re not 22 anymore doesn’t mean that they don’t like music anymore.

Another thing that’s been happening surrounding the release of The Buffet is that some people on social media have been coming down hard on Kelly about the sexual allegations stemming from 2002 that he was found not guilty of in court. Some believe him, some don’t. That’s why his non-believers were angered by his video message- it wasn’t because of what Kellz was saying, but because it was him who was saying it. They felt that he doesn’t deserve to be supported because of his past sexual allegations.

Message:”The Buffet” album in stores & iTunes this Friday 12/11!

Posted by R. Kelly on Wednesday, December 9, 2015

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