Woman makes shocking confession on Facebook, after finding out her downlow husband gave her HIV


Woman pregnant with twins finds out her downlow husband gave her HIV

You make all the right choices and think that you’re safe. Then, life slaps you in the face with a harsh reality that you will never forget.

Before she went to bed last night Renee Ladybyrd Burgess was deep in thought about her life, her decisions, past relationships and how those choices adversely affected her life..  You see Renee made all the right decisions.. She wasn’t promiscuous, didn’t sleep around  and even got married to the love of her life.

However, that decision would ultimately alter her path and pull her into the national spotlight, turning her into an HIV activist..


A broken-hearted Renee now wishes she could turn back the hands of time..

In a shocking Facebook post about her ex-boyfriend’s and what if’s, I was reading along with this post that came down my newsfeed and thinking about my own ex’s and how much they affected my life. But once I got to the end of Renee’s post I realized this was totally a different situation.. My last relationship sucked, but Renee’s last relationship would prove to be immensely detrimental to her health..

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