Teen denies murdering 5-month-old girl who was shot in back seat of car as her mother drove to the store to buy a birthday cake

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Teenager denies murdering five-month-old girl who was shot in the back seat of a car as her mother drove to the store to buy a birthday cake

A 19-year-old man charged with shooting dead a five-month-old girl as her mother drove to the store has pleaded not guilty to her murder.

Davon Holmes is accused of aggravated murder after shots were fired into a car while the girl and members of her family drove to the store near their home in Cleveland.

A bullet struck Aavielle Wakefield in the chest and killed her as she sat in the back seat next to her eight-year-old sister, while her mother and grandmother sat in the front.

The judge at Cuyahoga County court has set his bond at $2million, raising it from $1.5million when he appeared in court on Wednesday.

Following his arrest, the child’s grandmother, Beatrice Wakefield, said: ‘It helps a lot to just know that somebody’s being held accountable.’

Members of a fugitive task force led by the US Marshals Service arrested Davon Holmes on Cleveland’s east side within an hour of police obtaining an aggravated murder warrant.

Cleveland police issued a statement that said homicide detectives identified Holmes using multiple tips from the public to Crimestoppers.

Another suspect, Lawrence Hillard, was later arrested for tampering with the evidence.

Police haven’t said why someone might have shot at the car and Beatrice, who was in the car at the time, wants to know why.
She added: ‘Why that car? Why would you choose to shoot at that car? That’s what I would like to know,’ reports 5ABC.
The court has assigned two attorneys for Holmes. One didn’t immediately respond to a message Wednesday seeking comment. The phone number for the other lawyer rang unanswered.

Beatrice Wakefield said she’s thankful for the arrest. ‘I’m just glad they got somebody and it didn’t take years,’ she said.

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